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The Top Five Promotional Products to Hand Out at Health Fairs

Many people enjoy visiting health fairs to have screening tests, learn about healthy behaviors and pick up a few great promotional products. Vendors setting up at these events have the opportunity to make new connections and expand their businesses. Consider these top five Promotional Products 100 to hand out at health fairs.

Stress Balls
Stress plays a considerable role in health and well-being. A person who is stressed may feel tense and have negative energy to release. A stress ball is a great promotional product to give away. People can squeeze the ball, and each time they feel relief, they will think of your business.

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Packs of Tissues
When a person sneezes or coughs, he or she reaches for a tissue. Packs of tissues make ideal promotional products for people of any age. These small items fit into a pocket or purse with ease. Your business information can be written on the external packaging of the tissues.

Lip Balm
Many people experience chapped lips or sunburned lips throughout the year. Lip balms are small and affordable promotional products that anyone can use. Because lip balm is long-lasting, your business contact information will be seen on a regular basis, resulting in a great investment. Consider offering lip balms that include a sun protection factor for further enhancement of a person’s health.

Tape Measures
Tape measures come in handy in many situations. When it comes to a person’s health, taking hip and waist measurements helps to determine a person’s body fat to muscle mass ratio. People also need tape measures for everyday activities, such as measuring a piece of furniture. These items make great promotional products because they are lightweight and useful.

Note Pads
Note pads are a necessity in many situations. People use them to take notes while at the doctor’s office, make grocery lists and leave reminders for members of their household. Offering note pads as promotional products allows you to expand your reach. Consider offering note pads that have a magnetic back so they can be attached to the refrigerator. You could also pair the note pad with a pen for the convenience of people who often find themselves without one.

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